About Me

IMG_1600I am 35 years old, born in Parkersburg WV (go mountaineers!!!). Lived in Florida for a while then moved to North Georgia where i pretty much grew up. I went to Pickens High School and graduated in
2000. Went to college at the University of West GA where i graduated in 2006 (yes i took my time).

I graduated with a degree in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design. From there i moved to Snellville with my beautiful wife Angela and then finally Loganville in 2013. I have no children, three dogs, Lulu and Jack which are boxers and Baxter which is a Yorkie. Currently i work for a tech company running ecommerece stores, creating art work, marketing, working on servers and other techie stuff.


Contact me for pricing. I charge a flat fee per project with 50% down. I do not work by the hour because i think it encourages developers to take their time and piddle around instead of focusing on the project. Currently i offer:

Graphic Design:
   • Logos
   • Flyers
   • Posters
   • Books
   • Inserts
   • Business Cards
   • Invitations

Website Design:
   • Businesses
   • Ecommerce
   • Blogs
   • Forums
   • Wiki’s
   • Organizations

Web Development:
   • Web Graphics
   • Email Marketing
   • SEO
   • Competitor
   • Research
   • Google Adwords
   • Google Analytics


Web Design:
   • Adobe Dreamweaver 5yrs
   • WordPress 7yrs
   • Drupal 1yr
   • Magento 4yrs
   • Opencart 1yr
   • Volusion 6yrs
   • html 10yrs
   • css 7yrs
   • php 7yrs
   • javascript 1yr

Graphic Design:
   • Adobe Photoshop 10yrs
   • Adobe Illustrator 10yrs
   • Adobe In-design 10yrs
   • Affinity Design 1yr
   • Corel Draw x8 Suite 4yrs

   • Corel Paintshop Pro 2yrs

Web Marketing:
   • Adwords 7yrs
   • Bronto 1yr
   • Mailchimp 4yrs

   • Google Analytics 7yrs
   • Google Webmaster Tools 7yrs
   • SEO Moz 7yrs
   • dozens of other SEO tools

   • Linux 4yrs
   • Windows 4yrs
   • Centos 4yrs
   • Unbuntu 4yrs

Tech Stuff: 
   • Access 1yr
   • SQL 1yr
   • Windows Powershell 1yr



If you have any questions feel free to ask, it may take me a while to get back to you but i always answer my emails.

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